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Project Description Owner Last Change
HaNS.git HaLVM Network Stack 6 years ago
contiki.git Contiki clone with patches... 5 years ago
contiki_projects.git Contiki clone with stgit patches 6 years ago
dOSEK/dOSEK.git A dependable OSEK 3 years ago
dOSEK/llvm.git LLVM with Additions 3 years ago
dOSEK/sis.git SIS: Berkley's Tools for Synth... 4 years ago
ezk.git Extensible ZooKeeper 4 years ago
i4ada.git Ada at Cortex-M3 7 years ago
mspsim.git MspSim clone with patches... 5 years ago
nnlib.git Papers and books about dependa... 6 years ago
rdsp_public.git Public git repo for rdsp-projects 7 years ago
scheinskript.git Scheinskript 4 years ago
smc.git State Machine Compiler (SMC... 6 years ago